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April 2012
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REKKER has more than 30 years of experience, being a benchmark in the sector. REKKER has a facility equipped with the latest technology in machinery to which is joined by a team of professionals to respond to the most demanding expectations of the consumer. If you are looking for a kitchen whose hallmarks are design, functionality and elegance, REKKER offers a combination of finishes

The kitchens are in luck because with the new rotary monomando that Toni Arola has designed for Ramon Soler now the kitchen is more elegant than ever. Cooking as a family, cooking for your partner and for friends is something that is part of life and therefore the ideal is to have a kitchen as practical and elegant as possible, hence the great need

Joy in your garden! The lamps manage to create contrasts and are one of the ideal elements to achieve suggestive environments. This year fashion revolves around the decoration "Happy Chic", and with the new proposal of Ares Ibérica, your outdoor and indoor environments will be full of joy. Why not dare to create special environments in our home, terrace or garden? Why can't we live

The lighting scales and is positioned at the forefront of importance in decoration. Decorative floor lamps are ideal for marking a differentiating point in any room. Greta is the emblematic piece of Ares Ibérica's decorative collection. Because of its impeccable design in stainless steel, aluminum and vibrated cement it does not leave us indifferent. A central pivot allows the desired position to be fixed

Ramon Soler makes available to its customers its new general catalog 2012 that has entered into force on March 1. In the new 2012 catalog, an important effort has been made to make it possible for its customers, and the general public, to have the most up-to-date information on the Company's more than 3,000 products. With each product, a detailed information on

Ramon Soler launches one of his latest creation: Arola BLACK&WHITE , betting on the latest trend that are color taps. The color it offers is based on the eternal polar opposites that have always been attracted: black and white. The black white vs sink faucet proposal is perfect for playing with contrasts. Combining black and white and allows us a visual effect of

Classics always come back. They come back because there are people who know how to appreciate them. The classic beauty of Ramon Soler's Gaudí collection is today the wild card for any bathroom or kitchen décor. Gaudí can look in a classic, country, vintage or state-of-the-art environment where all styles are merged with a harmony that only the most refined elegance can