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December 2014
  -  2014

The spot lighting of the BRINDIS luminaires of Pujol Lighting,allow to place several luminaires in the same environment, creating a set with a novel and unique aesthetic The BRINDIS collection of Pujol Lighting is available in suspension, application and tabletop. All of them remember real champagne glasses, creating a surprising effect once lit. Pujol Illumination designs high quality pieces and refined technique, with BRINDIS,reaffirms the

There is little time left to bid farewell to the year and toast to welcome the new year. And for this new year Pujol Lighting presents BRINDIS is a collection of festive and cheerful luminaires that is inspired by the shape of the champagne glass,so that joy in our life never lacks. BRINDIS gives a special and fun touch to any space in which

Another of our well-known projects, Flower Power located in a former palace in Madrid. It has been published in one of the most prestigious international bathroom magazines. Il Bagno magazine, published in Italy. We dedicate a large 6-page report age where the main protagonist is an elegant and refreshing bath. An explosion of color in an avant-garde, positive and romantic atmosphere, where a

We recommend the post that has published on the effectiveness of Bona products for the treatment of woods and laminated pallets. Proven At Decorablog we have been able to test the product and the truth is that the results are magnificent. We were sent two solutions, one to remove deep black spots (1 liter of Reviver) and one with the satin renovating/restorer product that

A new shower set, with thermostatic taps at an irresistible price Under the slogan "Enjoy the Blautherm Experience!!" Ramon Soler ® has launched a new shower set. Its sleek and attractive design also allows it to be adapted to any environment, regardless of its decorative style. High quality, outstanding performance and an unbeatable price are the best cover letters of this model, included in the

At Font Barcelona's first appearance in Masion&Object on September 8 in Paris, he won the Jury Favourite Award at the First Edition of M&O Font Barcelona's "Project" Awards. Jury. The jury unanimously appreciated the excellent quality and the innovative products presented by Font Barcelona. After being among the five finalists of the competition, organized on the latest products of the exhibiting companies of Maison