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  -  Architecture   -  NUOVVO INARI bathtub®, soft organic shapes

The new NUOVVO®

INARI bathtub has an oval and symmetrical design that allows you to plan the bathroom in a free way, due to its wide possibility of placement. It brings a personal touch to the space for being a sculptural element, which combines modernity and elegance, bringing exclusivity to the environment.

INARI has a uniform design denoting an exquisite finish and typical of a sophisticated bathroom. Its matte white color together with its oval shape, show a timeless design that transmits a pleasant feeling of comfort and warmth. Its unique shape makes it an exceptional product and an eye-catching bathroom element.

The new INARI exempt bathtub can be placed both in the center of the bathroom itself and on the side, or even in the bedroom thanks to its design free of walls, creating an open and unique environment.



This contemporary and minimalist style bathtub has a height of 50 cm and consists of an oval base of 122×52 cm that enlarges at the top in a subtle and rounded way giving rise to a surface, proportional to the base, of 170×80 cm.

The new model of
the firm
is made with a compact, durable and non-deformable material providing great security and tranquility to the user. This is NuovvoSolid, a material that is also soft and warm adding the characteristic of neatness in addition to maximum quality.