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  -  Architecture   -  BONA, the grand chosen at Casa Decor Madrid 2017

Bona, leader in the maintenance and treatment of wooden floors, will be present in four spaces of Casa Decor Madrid 2017 from May 10 to June 18, at Calle Antonio Maura 8. The wooden floors treated by Bona continue to be trending.

Wooden floors tr tied with BONA in the spaces

B08 Restaurant Casa Decor by Manuel Espejo

F02 Kitchen of Luisa Deulonder

E12 Salon-Library of Asún Antó

C08 Kitchen-Study Dining Room O’Donell

Casa Decor celebrates its 25th anniversary this year and Bona accompanies it by rehabilitating four spaces. The interior of the spectacular building has countless elements of the original construction, such as the melis pine wood floors, a wood of this category has to be restored by the best. Bona restores the wooden flooring of the spaces of four large interior designers: Manuel Espejo, Asun Antó, O’Donell Studio and Luisa Deulonder.

This year Bona will participate as a contributor to Casa Decor and will have a presence in the designer’s space Luisa Deulonder twice winner in this contest with the first prize for her spectacular kitchen-dining proposals. Bona has treated this designer’s wooden floor with Bona Traffic Natural getting a treated and protected wooden floor without looking like it.

Public buildings such as restaurants, museums and hotels rely on the resistance and high quality of Bonavarnishes. Bona Traffic Natural is a range of varnishes that is being installed in important public spaces. On this occasion we want to highlight, that in addition to being used in the space of Luisa Deulonder, the new restaurant Casa Decor,designed by Manuel Espejoalso uses the upper protection varnish for commercial and public areas Bona Traffic Natural, to protect its wooden floors and thus maintain an impeccable appearance of the floor.

A great advantage of Bona Traffic Natural,is its speed in curing, and this makes it the ideal varnish for an event like Casa Decor,where comprehensive reforms are carried out in a short period of time. Features that also make it perfect for the floors of the Living Room-Library that will create Asun Antó or the Kitchen-Dining Room that will perform the O’Donell Studio.

Around Casa Decor pass about 40,000 visitors per edition, a more than enough reason to protect its wooden floors with Bona,the firm that protects the high trafficfloors.

What will surprise us at Casa Decor this year?

Bona offers solutions for wood that join the latest trends and meet the demands of architects, interior designers and decorators, without forgetting their quality by having Bona Certified Professionals. The Bona Certified Professionals are carefully selected professionals who have the proper training and certification to use the full range of products Bona for wooden floors.

Bona, is chosen by great professionals for projects where quality is the basis of success. The firm is waiting for you at Casa Decor Madrid from May 10th to June 18th at Antonio Maura 8.