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  -  Architecture   -  RETRO by Pujol Lighting is a collection of pop-looking lamps in the sixties

The egg yellow color is a trend

All retro type luminaires are presented in white, black and a red vitalist. But we also want to emphasize that this bright collection is offered in a bright yellow egg,which is one of the Hits colors of this season. The bright colors in luminaires are the perfect choice to give a bold touch to the space.

If you want to give a chic touch to a space, the RETRO collection of Pujol Lighting,is the best choice. It is a collection of luminaires that perfectly connects retro trends with the latest technology, thus reaching a balance that allows to integrate a lamp of fun and vintage appearance, in the most current spaces.

Retro is a chic and functional collection but designed and designed to be used today, as it complies with regulations and is developed with the highest quality standards.

As for the design of the collection, it is a very complete family of luminaires, as various models of floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps and suspension lamps are presented.

The methacrylate display illuminates a wide area while serving as a reading light.

Pujol Lighting,with the Retrocollection, gathers what is necessary to achieve the goal of bringing the past closer to today.

Model: RETRO

Fabricante: Pujol Iluminación

Designer: Own Team


Colors: White, Black, Orange and Red

Steel frame