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  -  Architecture   -  We end the year with a new International Award for Ramon Soler

Ramon Soler’s® Adagio awarded the German Design Award Special 2023

Special mention for excellent product design, in the bathroom and wellness category.

Ramon Soler’s Adagio wins the prestigious German Design Award 2023. Its excellent design, its unparalleled finishes and its technology, lead the collection to also receive a Special Mention.


Adagio by
Ramon Soler®
has been stomping with a design based on organic geometry and divine proportion. An exceptional classic design for contemporary bathrooms. Geometric shapes and organic lines merged in the same design. Leonardo Da Vinci’s legacy emerges in Adagio with a design between art and science. A combination of geometric shapes that have a mathematical order, limited by lines and curves with organic shapes, common in nature and in shapes that try to imitate it.

Ramon Soler reinvents himself with Adagio, a design that never goes out of style, maintaining his extraordinary charisma. The result of a perfect balance of function, geometric shapes and organic lines.

The two-lever taps show a minimalist and elegant design, and are enhanced with its characteristic crossed levers along with a slender and semicircular spout.

In addition to its aesthetic beauty, Adagio represents the technological innovation that characterizes Ramon Soler® by incorporating systems and mechanisms such as Tool free, a new patent with which installation is possible without tools, easily and safely. It should also be noted that Ramon Soler has developed a system of monoblock pipes without screw fixation, thus maintaining a clean and elegant aesthetic. The built-in sink faucets also have a simple installation system without screws that protects delicate parts.

Adagio, is available in three finishes of maximum strength and durability. The timeless chrome, the luxurious brushed gold and the elegant matt black. The matte black finish has a durability 10 times greater than the chrome in the salt spray test, it is also anti-fingerprint and velvety feel.


The German Design Awards are the premium award of the German Design Council. It is one of the most prestigious awards in the design landscape across all industries. Since 2012, the German Design Awards have been identifying significant design trends, presenting them to a wide audience and honouring them.

Adagio awarded with SPECIAL MENTION.-

The “Special Mention” distinction of the German Design Awards pays tribute to the conception and implementation of coherent design. This mention is awarded for an Excellent Design.

This special condition makes Ramon Soler® proud, who has fought and has put all his efforts into the meticulous design of the Adagio collection.

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