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  -  Architecture   -  BEDS of Senttix, the sanctuary of a good rest
Resting well is an urgent task, and in Senttix they make it easy for you with the set formed by the Litter headboard with the Filo folding couch, with exclusive decorative design legs.

Beauty, order and balance in the bedroom are drivers of good sleep. This set, in tile color, combined with exclusive fabric bedding and soft colors, will help you achieve relaxation and bring warmth to your most intimate stay.

The exclusive upholstery collection
The Senttix Beds Book
offers cozy and functional designs, which avoid visual noise, to achieve a space of tranquility, disconnection and peace where the bed is the real protagonist.

This extensive collection combines comfort, beauty, functionality, versatility and customization, in unique sets that combine bases and headboards of different textures, shapes and colors, to the choice and taste of each client.

On this occasion, we highlight the Filo folding canapé. Who said a flip-up base couldn’t be elegant? We limit ourselves to pure, straight and simple lines. Filo draws on its lid a delicate cavity functional as a handle. The absence of superficial elements makes the cleanliness of the fabrics and their textures appreciated.

In addition to being available in three heights, Filo allows you to select the comfort of your lid between rigid surface (Fiberthon) or flexible (Lattes) for greater customization of the bed. For a greater design and as icing, it includes decorative legs in black, which stand out while creating a lighter composition visually.

On the other hand, this set is crowned by the Litter headboard, which incorporates geometry as a fundamental principle of design. Straight lines, combined with a subtle volume and a studied selection of fabrics, make up the perfect Litter headboard for beds where the most beautiful simplicity prevails. Taking care of every last detail, this headboard wraps the bed with sharp vertices, finished with weatherstripping.

The tile tonality of this unique set, provides incomparable sensations creating your bedroom the place of calm so necessary. To balance shades and complete the bed, nothing better than
bedding in 500 thread combed cotton. You will not need more than a clean bed, cotton sheets, natural feather fillings, soft, calm and serene colors, to achieve Good Sleep.