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  -  Architecture   -  CANCIO offers one of the largest varieties of stools on the market
In its new catalog Evolution incorporates nine new models, which added to the previous ones complete the offer of stools to fit into any contract and residential project.

There are few manufacturers with such a wide range of


, this added to its sustainable DNA, its high quality and its great design, makes Cancio a reference manufacturer of this exclusive piece.

The stool is a universal piece of furniture and is the ancestor of any known seating form. It is a very versatile piece of furniture that originally did not usually have a fixed place, but was used as an extra seat. It also has a very direct relationship with old trades, since it is a piece that allows you to get up and move easily to perform, for example, carpenter tasks.

At present, however, with the kitchen as the central space of family life and the increase in the use of bars, both in contract and residential spaces, it has become an indispensable piece of furniture. For this reason


, which works to solve the requests of users, has developed a wide variety of stools, being able to offer different proposals and designs such as stools with and without backrest, rotating, upholstered, adjustable in height, etc.

Foto: Petris tessuto 65. Asientos tessuto lacado antracita con tapizado kanon nube, madera tostada con kanon blanco, madera tostada con Mystic antracita, patas acero epoxi antracita y blanco tex.

With a total of 18 different models of stools, the great variety that Cancio offers is evident, among them we can highlight novelties such as Lemon, Moly, Rio or Totem. We can find stools adjustable in height by means of a gas mechanism, driven by a metal lever, of European quality, which guarantees intensive domestic use. Also stools of metal structure for use in spaces of public concurrence. In addition, each of the models is designed with a very studied and careful ergonomics.

Foto: Taburete Lemon. Asiento tapizado Hitch tórtola, bases redondas acero epoxi titanio.

Its seats have infinite possibilities, offering mostly dyed wood, lacquered wood, different upholstery, and Tessuto (plywood back with upholstered pad). The range of fabrics is very wide, both in vinyl with fireproof properties, antibacterial protection, and anti-stain finish and in textiles, including two ranges with AquaClean technology, which allows cleaning all kinds of stains only with water.

On the other hand, the different base options, which can be four legs or adjustable column, are offered depending on the model in metal or wood. All models of adjustable stools are offered with flat, round or square base, and flared base; available in all Cancio epoxy colors. In addition, the legs incorporate polyethylene plugs with integrated felt, which reduce noise in contact with the ground and prevent wear over time.

Foto: Taburete Tabu tessuto. Asiento tessuto madera tostada y nobel terracota, base redonda acero epoxi blanco tex.

In short, its more than 60 years of experience as manufacturers, specialists in furniture for contract, give it the security to offer products that shine for their high quality in materials and design.

Foto: Taburete Moly tessuto. Asiento tessuto madera lacado antracita con tapizado Kanon nube, patas acero epoxi antracita.

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