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  -  Architecture   -  Collection of pavements 2cm OUTDOOR of Aparici
Aparici presents a complete series of porcelain pavements with the new thickness of 2cm, ideal for outdoors, including elevated pavements.

2CM OUTDOOR.- The new thickness of 2 centimeters is ideal for exterior pavements, including over-the-top pavements. Resistant to wear, sudden changes in temperature, loads and solicitations, its 2CM porcelain is suitable for placement on terraces and balconies, as well as for paths in outdoor areas. The perfect alternative to wood and stone as it is a product that does not suffer alterations in the face of the passage of time or requires maintenance. It also becomes the ideal collection of pavements for outdoor contract spaces.

Foto: Pavimento 2cm OUTDOOR Cotto Rosso de Aparici. Pavimento inspirado en la piedra natural.

Ideal para realizar sendas en el exterior.

MODELS.- In total the range of 2cm OUTDOOR of Aparici has 15 collections and more than 50 different models in total. A great variety with styles for all tastes, grouped in different concepts such as stone, metal, textile or wood.


DESIGN.- Thanks to its variety in designs, we can choose the model that best suits our interior design. In order to be able to specify our choice, we can start by choosing a concept and within it, the collection that best fits our project.

If we are looking for more urban and avant-garde environments, our choice can be Concrete because it is inspired by concrete, it offers the collections: Attila, Brave and Studio.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more retro and eclectic environment, you can opt for collections of the encaustic group such as Altea, inspired by the most traditional hydraulic pavements.

Textile, is a group of flooring and coatings inspired by textile, with the collections: Bohemian, Carpet and Tex. For lovers of drawings that the textile is able to create.

The Stone group was born to conceptualize natural stone with the highest quality and naturalness, with the collections: Dstone, Lithops, Recover and Ronda.

In the metal-inspiredgroup, we have the collections: Metallic and Corten. A series full of character, strength and personality, inspired as its name suggests in the tonalities and beauty of metal.

For the Woodconcept, the Camper collection is offered, created with the veining and tones of wood, which seek a Scandinavian atmosphere.

And finally, the Cotto collection that is inspired by the most cozy earth tones.

Foto: Pavimento 2cm OUTDOOR Metallic Green de Aparici instalado en terraza de restaurante.

In short, a wide range of possibilities that adapt to all outdoor spaces and all styles.
proposes multiple alternatives to create attractive outdoor areas both residential and commercial.

SPECIAL PIECES.- In addition, they have special decorative pieces, pool accessories, steps and even outdoor planters with which you can constitute the best environment to enjoy your terrace, garden or patio.

With the special decorative pieces, you can have an exclusive pavement, leave the conventional to turn your garden into a unique and special place, we can enjoy shapes such as hexagons, polygons, arch, palm, etc. You can also forget about the metal grids that break the aesthetics of your pool and your outdoor area.

Foto: Pavimento 2cm OUTDOOR Camper Ash de Aparici.

A SINGLE MODEL FOR INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR.- All collections in 20 mm have the same coordinated pavements in 10mm porcelain for use in indoor areas. This will allow the possibility of creating an uninterrupted visual continuity between exterior and interior spaces. The formats available for indoor areas are 50×100, 100×100, 25×100 and 60×60 A detail highly valued in architecture that allows to expand the spaces.

Foto: Pavimento 2cm outdoor Corten Oxidum de Aparici.

En esta imagen podemos observar la continuidad visual de pavimento desde el interior hacia el exterior.

Renewing and giving an impeccable finish to the most current outdoor projects is easy with 2CM outdoor from Aparici,which offers the perfect balance between two concepts so important in a material: aesthetics and quality.

Foto: Pavimento 2cm OUTDOOR Altea Elda de Aparici. Pavimento inspirado en el hidráulico.