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  -  Architecture   -  Ramon Soler® Blautherm Matte Black Shower Columns
Matte black, the finish of the latest trends with maximum strength and durability. Ramon Soler’s® Blautherm matte black shower columns have an immediate delivery time in just 10 days.

As we have seen for some time, the timeless elegance of black is booming in the most modern bathrooms. Black is the color that has always been associated with non-ostentatious luxury and maximum elegance and sophistication.

That’s why Ramon Soler® doesn’t fall behind and introduces the new Blautherm matte black thermostatic shower columns,which combine design, maximum performance and an unbeatable price.

Immediate delivery.-

Among its features, it is worth highlighting its efficient delivery. The firmis constantly working to offer the best pre-sales and after-sales service. That’s why it maximizes your times, being able to offer immediate availability of Blautherm matte black columns. In just 10 working days you can enjoy the latest shower systems in your bathroom.

Maximum resistance.-

The matte black finish of Ramon Soler® has maximum durability and strength, which is essential for everyday use: the matte black finish Ramon Soler® in the salt mist test is ten times higher than chrome platy. The guarantee of the highest quality is an essential condition for Ramon Soler® and together with the design, is of vital importance to all its customers and especially to the hotel world, which has specific demands in both water savings, safety and health. Therefore, the firm is clear that its shower systems have to present not only a refined and design aesthetic, but also need to bring together a set of technical characteristics that make the whole set an ideal piece for residential and hotel projects.

The matte black finish of the Blautherm shower columnhas been achieved using the most advanced electrostatic over galvanized technology that provides extra strength and durability.

Double position.-

The new Blautherm matte black shower columns are available in fixed or extendable format, this telescopic system allows a column extension from 880 to 1460mm. In this way you can adjust the large shower to both the space and the user offering total ergonomics.


Water saving.-

For the firm, sustainability is part of its most important values, so Blautherm shower columns are also sustainable, offering us water savings without loss of comfort for the user.


Advanced technology.-

Blautherm Premium matte black thermostatic shower columns have a temperature limiting system that allows the user to choose the exact temperature they want at all times, without experiencing variations in it even if the faucet is opened and closed or its flow rate is varying.

They also incorporate the cooltouch system,a built-in technology that allows the taps to remain always warm to the touch.

The shower column also has a hotblock system that, in case the cold water supply is interrupted, prevents the outlet of water at high temperature. That is, it is a piece that increases the safety in the bathroom, by avoiding possible burns.


Large format sprinkler.-

The sprinklers of Blautherm Premium thermostatic shower columns have a diameter of 300mm, a large format that offers a water drop in the form of enveloping rain, which offers maximum comfort for the user.

In addition, it has flexible silicone nozzles,thanks to which the lime and impurities come off easily, even rubbing with your fingers.


Multifunctional teleduche.-

These large showers have a multifunctional hand sprayer, which allows you to choose the type of water outlet being able to choose between three functions with different intensities. Which offers a massage session in your own shower.


Perfect value for money.-

It is also worth noting the unmatched value for money of Blautherm shower columns, which makes it an absolutely attractive product for an increasingly demanding market that requires cheaper products, stylish and backed by leading brands such as Ramon Soler®.


With these Blautherm Premium matte black Ramon Soler® bath columns maximum design and comfort is offered. Both installers, architects, interior designers and consumers can experience the design and maximum quality in the most sophisticated bathrooms and thus offer an unbeatable product available to everyone. Once again its constant evolution and effort concern to offer design, competitive and quality products to its customers.

To complete the offer, you can choose Matte Black Single-Mand Shower Columns, with maximum durability, water savings and unbeatable design.