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  -  Architecture   -  How has confinement changed our tastes and trends in bathroom design?
The confinement that we have faced more than 2/3 of humanity, to combat COVID-19, leaves a lot of time to think. But let us be positive, among the thousands of adverse thoughts that all are encroaching on us and occupy our minds at the moment, isolation also leaves us time to reflect on many other issues, including a number of issues that we will raise below: How will confinement affect trends and bathroom design?, will trends change behind the pandemic? What colors and materials will be the most demanded?

Well, I have been thinking for days that trends will change, this isolation and uncertainty will affect us and we will unconsciously seek more natural environments that invite peace and serenity.

First of all, I’ll talk about the colors. This situation that we live makes us long for calm and tranquility, therefore, of the powerful blues, alive and energetic, which were trending in this 2020, being even the blue Pantone of the year (Classic Blue 19-4052), we will want to put them aside for the moment and give a 360o turn to the trends.

We need to surround ourselves with pastel colors, beige, corals, roses, vanilla, that is, all those shades that bring us calm, cleanliness, positivity, well-being, thus moving away from the stridentity. In short, neutral and friendly colors, without ever switching to white, which we can currently associate with hospitals unconsciously.

On the other hand, as for the materials, our longing for the exterior and nature will make us want all the natural, that is, noble materials such as wood and vegetation, which will renew the atmosphere of our bathroom, carrying it with positive energy and giving it a fresh air. But above all, all those materials linked to hygiene, air and cleanness will also be in high demand. Those who offer a guarantee of repelling and do not harbor microbes. This shaft in the materials will emerge in all kinds of construction. Also by what makes the forms will seek the goodness of these, leaving aside aggression.

With regard to electronic mechanisms, trends will be anything that does not have to be touched, that is activated by the proximity or that tell us that it is self-cleaning or that it is antibacterial, especially in public baths.

In relation to bathing equipment, especially in public spaces, the trend will go towards electronic taps, since these moments are also times of reflection and maximum awareness with sustainability and the environment. In the current times, health security as well as water and energy savings, is one of our greatest commitments and as a result electronic taps will set the trend more than ever.

Speaking of taps, possibly the matte black finish, totally trending today, will go from being the protagonist, and will take its place to finishes such as brushed nickel, satin gold or satin copper, and of course in most bathrooms will use chrome taps.

We do not want visual loads in our interiors, we look for neutral spaces that provide tranquility. And if we have enough space, the spa will be imposed at home, with sprinkler and waterfall roof sprinklers, jets, nebulizers and if possible, even a steam sauna. The bath will be our place of relaxation and search for pleasant sensations. Gyms in homes that allow it to be spacious will gain importance. Exercise bikes, treadmills, and everything that can help you work out at home.

Also, it will be sought more than ever, a generous distribution in the bathroom, if possible, bathrooms with double sink and double shower area, so that inside the same bathroom each person can have their own space. In addition, we will pay more attention to the good ventilation of the bathroom.

The bathroom is going to become even more, if possible, a room that is the protagonist of the house. The moment of hygiene of the day, besides being the moment of relaxation and connection with oneself, as we have been seeing for a while, is going to be a very important moment, because the experience lived will lead us to want to be as strictly hygienic as possible.

In short, we will see how current trends evolve as a result of confinement. The desire to feel maximum well-being in the interiors grows and we will no longer seek groundbreaking and surprising spaces, but rather connection with nature, neutral spaces and above all that invite peace.