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  -  Architecture   -  NUOVVO Pura Pietra Marble Countertops & Washbasins®
A symbol of luxury and exclusivity

Pura Pietra is the name of Nuovvo’s marble countertops and sinks collection®.

Natural marble is a material of great beauty that is formed over the years thanks to the union of various minerals with extraordinary conditions that make these pieces, a unique element.

Marble is a refined material that was trending in antiquity. Its use was extensive as it encompassed sculptures, monuments and buildings such as temples, residences or Roman baths. It is a timeless material since today it is also demanded in design houses, being the main protagonist.

Photo: ANTIQUE marble countertop and MarS shelf from Nuovvo®

Marble is trending.- One of the great trends in interior design is marble due to its great beauty and resistance. It is mainly used for rooms such as the bathroom or the kitchen as it is a cold material that is perfect to bring the necessary elegance to different areas of the house. This type of luxurious stone, provides the possibility to create elegant environments that will not go out of style.

Nuovvo® offers a number of natural and compact marble sinks and countertops under the name Pura Pietra.

The marble chosen by the firm is selected from the best quarries where the hydrorepeleant and oleorepellant anti-manche treatments are subsequently applied to prevent the proliferation of bacteria, facilitating their cleaning and preserving the original beauty for a long time.

Photo: Washbasin on Indian green EROS countertop from Nuovvo®

As a 100% natural product they are always different in shade, they have veins of different types, inlays of other minerals or fossils and some other irregularities that enhance their beauty. The set of texture, color, veins and specks, make each product totally exclusive, which no one can ever repeat.

Pura Pietra offers the possibility to give an exclusive touch to your bathroom with a unique and unrepeatable piece that only the natural stone itself can offer.

Nuovvo’s Pura Pietra product ® includes various elements such as ANTIQUE, ETERNAL and LINE countertops. Also note that the MARS shelf and the EROS, ATHOS, KRONOS and ZEUS washbasins are also highlighted.

All of them available in the selection of 9 natural and compact stones of carrara, ivory cream, emperor brown, Indian green, grey pietra, marquina black, compact calacatta, compact polar grey and compact Marquina black.

Photo: washbasin on countertop EROS carrara de Nuovvo®

Without a doubt, Pura Pietra is a perfect choice to add that touch of distinction that brings both natural marble and the minimalist and exclusive design of Nuovvo®.