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  -  Architecture   -  Font Barcelona presents new finishes inspired by the concept “BCNY”

Art – Essence -Tradition – Materials

Font Barcelona’s Bridge and 5.1 collections are renewed with the range of BCNY finishes designed to respond to the latest trends and the most avant-garde interior designers.

New iron plate finish Brûlé

Font Barcelona, in its constant effort to adapt its products to the latest trends of avant-garde design, presents its new range of finishes inspired by the industrial architecture of Barcelona and New York, symbolized by the journey of Rafael Guastavino, – architect trained in Spain-, and who successfully developed a career in the United States.

These new finishes aim to pay a conceptual tribute to the different materials that once inspired important architectural works, such as the “Industrial School” in the city of Barcelona and the “Grand Central Terminal”,in the big apple, in which Guastavino applied the aesthetic and constructive materials and resources learned during his training in Barcelona with the technological and material context of the avant-garde of New York.

In industrial architecture, decorative and structural elements blend to create a differentiated and deeply inspiring aesthetic.

Materials shared in the two cities, unique textures where artisan work, human footprint and the passage of time define their character and aesthetics.

BCNY is the fusion of both acronyms in this inspiring family of materials and finishes that unites what is our own with the universal.

Cardholder – New Iron Plate Finish Aged New Iron Brûlé Plate Finish


Iron – in the images – has been incorporated for the first time. With all its character, the metal is treated by hand and piece by piece to give an unparalleled appearance on each plate, with waters ranging from black to gray and litmus.

Font Barcelona’s artisan tradition is reinforced with manual textures, not only in materials such as iron, but also in brass and copper.

New Plate Finish Golden Brass Martelé New Plate Finish Golden Brass Sablé


The “BCNY” combinations are made to measure and on request in such a way that each project becomes an unrepeatable work, not only for its aesthetics, but also for the wide range of technological solutions available, designed for user comfort.

New Plate Finish Brass Copper Gloss New Plate Finish Brass Matte Copper

The Bridge and 5.1collections, designed by Oriol Guimerà and Joan Cinca, have been recognized worldwide for their design, with a wide range of internationally prestigious awards, such as the Red Dot Design Award, Good Design Award, Silver Delta Award, Archiproducts Awards and German Design Award.