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  -  Architecture   -  Removable kitchen faucet, with magnet system, Ramon Soler satin copper finish®
We just fell in love with Ramon Soler’s removable kitchen faucet with magnet
system and satin copper finish®.

Copper finish, one of the most demanded trends in the world of design and interior design, which comes with the rise of finishes inspired by precious metals, is a strong bet for interior projects of the most original, which adds to taps and accessories, expanding the decorative possibilities of bathrooms and kitchens.

With this model of kitchen taps,
Ramon Soler®
presents a proposal capable of providing every corner of the kitchen with distinction and an air of topicality, as well as an innovative, quality solution with the most sophisticated technology, designed at all times to provide the best user experience.

In addition to its unmatched finish, it is worth highlighting its innovative system of magnets,which allows to return to its initial position the pipe, easily when its use ends, thanks to the action of an effective neodymium magnet.