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  -  Architecture   -  PUJOL ILLUMINATION IRIS
Large doses of design for the most clean spaces

One of the defining features of the minimalist style is its extreme simplicity. Pujol Lightingcombines the shapes, neutral colors and pure lines to create IRIS,a wall lamp with large doses of design that flawlessly illuminates the most refined spaces.

Developed by the Team of

Pujol Iluminacion,

it is a collection created from geometric shapes with a spectacular finish thanks to its pure and elegant design.

The type of wall luminaire of IRIS provides the environments with indirect lighting with a unique character that dresses the wall on which it is installed.

It is a collection of LED wall luminaire, with which we achieve high efficiency, low energy consumption, high quality in light and also, protects both the environment and the health of people.

We find IRIS appliques in four different sizes:

  • The smallest, with an area of 36x300x120mm
  • Medium size with 36x600x120mm
  • The big one with 36x900x120mm
  • And the largest of all with measurements of 36x1200x120mm

IRIS is available in three finishes: chrome, matt nickel and white, thus offering different possibilities depending on the room where it is installed. Other finishes can be found.

In addition, in this collection, we have the option to assemble the equipment with intensity regulation in any of its sizes.


Manufacturer: Pujol Lighting

Designer: Own team

Model: IRIS

Finishes: Chromium, matt nickel and white (see other finishes)




  • A-160/30/NR

Measurements: 36mm height, 120mm bottom, 300mm wide

LED 17W 2200lm 3000K

  • A-160/60/NR

Measurements: 36mm height, 120mm bottom, 600mm wide

LED 34W 4400lm 3000K

  • A-160/90/NR

Measurements: 36mm height, 120mm bottom, 900mm wide

LED 51W 6600lm 3000K

  • A-160/120/NR

Measurements: 36mm height, 120mm bottom, 1200mm wide

LED 68W 8800lm 3000K