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The beauty of oxidized metal in a high-quality porcelain tile

presents Lamiere, a transgressive yet elegant porcelain. Lamiere is a metallic effect collection that brings to life the beauty of metal oxidation processes.

It is inspired by the beauty of metal in industrial buildings and architectural constructions, which change with the natural effect of the passage of time due to weather conditions. In Lamiere the reaction of oxygen on the metal is captured, creating pieces with an original and differentiating effect.



Based on metallic and litmus effects, Lamiere surprises with its unique graphics and tonalities. An exclusive collection that reinvents the beauty of rusty metal, with a unique chromatic range: Blue, Green and White, which manages to fill any space with modern and industrial style with personality.

Lamiere Blue, blue with brown and white tones. Lamiere Green with litmus metallic effects with green base. And Lamiere White that brings greater luminosity to the space.

The essence of metal transferred to porcelain.-

With the aesthetics of metal but the resistance characteristics of porcelain. These pieces have all the advantages of porcelain, a material with impeccable durability and resistance, and also provide an exclusive aesthetic.

All Lamiere pieces will bring a distinctive look to each space, achieving very elegant and transgressive finishes. In addition, the beauty of the rusty metal and the litmus contrasts, will allow you to develop very versatile projects with character.



It is available in three formats: 100 X 100 cm and 60 X 60 cm and 50 X 100 cm.

The collection offers the possibility of different formats for flooring and cladding, in which versatility and elegance come together. Lamiere will help create a captivating and contemporary atmosphere both indoors and outdoors, as it also offers a non-slip finish for outdoor flooring. In this way it will be possible to create continuity between the interior and exterior.

And also to create dynamic and more decorative environments, the mosaic format of 5 x 5cm is offered.

In short, Lamiere de Apavisa offers a design that provides the touch of exclusivity that a good project needs, and will make it become a decorative space, which will not go unnoticed.