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  -  Architecture   -  SFERA table by CANCIO
Cancio launches the Sfera table, a model that is born from the strong market demand for a product of these characteristics, a round and extendable table.

The round tables are characterized by providing a greater sense of closeness and familiarity. In addition, it favors conversation between everyone who sits around you. All the diners are at the same distance from the center, a very important quality is that the spaces are better used, and it is more ergonomic.

The Sfera table is included in Cancio’s

new EVOLUTION catalogue. A catalogue with a new design bet, which evolves towards an even more current, more versatile and more balanced range.

Sfera is manufactured in two sizes, 120×105 and 120×135. Its countertop can be chosen between porcelain or Dekton Slim. Porcelain is a material with high performance: resistant to scratching, abrasion, UV rays, waterproof and 100% natural; it is available in different shades and veins inspired by marble and natural stones.

On the other hand, Dekton® is a sophisticated blend of the raw materials that are used to make glass, state-of-the-art porcelain and quartz surfaces. It is presented in a new format much thinner and lighter than 4mm, with its unparalleled technical and mechanical properties that characterize it.

Its maximum versatility is offered thanks to being an extendable table. It has a single central extendable, of 50 cm, of the same material as the main countertop, which allows to expand the capacity of the table, at least, for two more people.

It has a central foot in lacquered steel. This foot is another of the most positive qualities of the Sfera table, since being central, it does not collide with the chairs when sitting, nor do they bother. The legs are of modern lines with an industrial touch and are available in different colors of epoxy steel, colors ranging from tex white, through more industrial finishes such as anthracite and bronz, and without ever forgetting black and its elegance.

In short, the Sfera de Cancio table was born to become the sales leader of the firm, for its design, its high performance and its great versatility.


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