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  -  Architecture   -  Bathroom cabinet BOSHI by Nuovvo®
A unique piece of suspension and irresistible design, which offers a beautiful contrast with the sink on countertop and up to 225 possible color combinations.

The bathroom cabinet is the key element of the room, so it is essential that it combines functionality and design.


exceeds our expectations with BOSHI.


is aesthetic and elegant, its sinuous and minimalist forms create a special atmosphere. Its rounded edges give it a very pleasant organic design. The connection between furniture and sink on countertop, make it an exceptional piece. It can be combined with countertop sinks in different ways, it can also be combined with countertop faucets or recessed sink faucets.

Photo: BOSHI bathroom cabinet by Nuovvo® lacquered in black.

This bathroom furniture is offered lacquered, in infinite possibilities of color of the latest trend, such as Quartz Pink or Ivory. Also, on request, it can be ordered in any desired color from the RAL menu, so that it fits perfectly into your bathroom project.

The firm also has in its catalog BOSHI AUX, an auxiliary furniture of 60 x 38 x 23 cm, with 95º of opening, regulation and integrated brake, with the same design as the bathroom cabinet and that completes the set in a balanced way.

Photo: BOSHI bathroom cabinet by Nuovvo® lacquered in Quartz Pink with auxiliary furniture.

Its measurements range from 80 cm to 160 in width, 28.5 cm in height and 46.5 cm in depth. It has two drawers of different sizes with a miter line opening system at the bottom, which allows a total extraction giving rise to the possibility of a greater utility of the space. The interior of the furniture is upholstered in anthracite leather texture. They also have the usual quality of the Hettich guides that support up to 30 kg and with integrated brake, for a cushioned closure that avoids blows by inertia. The Nuovvo® brand does not skimp on providing its drawers with 30 mm fronts and 19 mm boards for the outer hull. Qualities and materials that are synonymous with maximum quality.

Its installation is suspended, with hidden hangers adjustable in depth and height. This will allow a freedom of movement of the user when using it.

Photo: BOSHI bathroom cabinet by Nuovvo® lacquered in concrete.



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