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  -  Architecture   -  Ramon Soler® wins the Red Dot Design Award 2022
Ramon Soler’s® Urban Chic faucet collection receives international recognition for design and innovation for the third consecutive time

Urban Chic obtains for the third time a recognition for the high quality of its design: this time it wins the Red Dot Design Award 2022. With the premise: “In search of good design”, the Red Dot award is a recognized award, given to the search for good design and innovation. Urban Chic is an engineering product, which champions just that: the value of design and innovation for progress, the best example of
Ramon Soler’s®
mission and values.

Urban Chic
has already recently been awarded the prestigious German Design Award 2022 and also won the IF Design Award for its exclusive design and tourbillon technology, patented by Ramon Soler, with a sustainable water circuit that controls the strength and tension of water.

DISEÑO._ The beauty of its curved lines and its unexpected angles, the most rational needs of water control and its way of offering us cascading water, as if it were a clear, silent and friendly water spring, make Urban Chic a unique and exceptional product that, if we like to see it, we marvel at just hearing it.

Foto: Urban Chic de  Ramon Soler® gana  el premio internacional Red Dot Design Award 2022. 
El diseño de Urban Chic combina curvas y rectas con ángulos inesperados; creando una estética atrevida y novedosa.

RED DOT DESIGN AWARD._ An incredible international jury of professionals and experts in design and engineering evaluated in detail a large number of participants, among different types of product.

The Red Dot label has established itself internationally as one of the most sought-after quality brands for good design. In order to assess diversity in this field in a professional manner, the Red Dot Design Award is divided into three disciplines. Competitions for each of these disciplines are held once a year.

Ramon Soler’s® Urban Chic faucets have received the award for the 2022 Product Design category.

Urban Chic’s outstanding conceptual design fuses the human desire for nature with its urban spirit, a successful combination of beauty and high technology with an industrial and sustainable soul, for its incredible waterfall exit and its patented Torubillon System.

Foto: Sistema Tourbillon de Urban Chic, patentado por Ramon Soler® 

With the Tourbillon System, the water begins its journey through a low-consumption cartridge that controls its temperature and flow. It continues its journey and without losing its momentum, it is sent to the bottom of the tap, where it collides with the bottom and loses its strength, to climb in a spiral circuit. From there it is redirected towards the final fall, freeing itself in the form of a waterfall and transporting us to the hedonism of nature in our daily use.

In addition to the technology of its operation, the collection is presented with different finishes of the highest quality: matt black with electrostatic coating on galvanized and nickel and gold brushed in PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition).

The firm Ramon Soler® has fought with perseverance since its inception in 1890 to create products that generate sensory experiences and improve the quality of life of people solving real problems, through continuous improvement in process engineering and the final products that it has launched on the market. Today, more than 130 years later, he is living a moment of deep recognition for his “know-how”, focused on integrating sustainability, innovation and high technology.