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  -  Architecture   -  Sunderland by Aparici, natural geometry
A collection of porcelain flooring and cladding inspired by geometric shapes with exclusive inlaid mosaic stones

and his desire to stay ahead in trends, surprises us with Sunderland. A decorative collection that fuses mosaics with geometric shapes, to offer the most attractive drawings that bring dynamism and a sophisticated air to the room.

Sunderland also incorporates the graphics and colors of the Sutton Collection, making them compatible and fully combinable. In order not to overload a room with graphics, the possibility of combining Sunderland with Sutton veins is excellent.

Its incredible Lappato texture synchronized with its graphics by zones offers an effect of the most natural, which enriches floors and walls.

Foto: Pavimento Sunderland Beam de Aparici

Geometric shapes became a trend, but
goes further and in a subtle way incorporates them creating both warm and welcoming spaces.

It offers a unique format of 60x60cm, square pieces that ensure continuity of the drawing. We found 4 different graphics, Barnes, Beam, Hilton and Wear. Barnes and Beam feature the most geometric shapes, while Hilton and Wear incorporate more organic lines. Its gray, white tones with ochre and purple piscas belonging to precious stones, make it an unparalleled collection that will denote elegance and sophistication.

Foto: Pavimento Sunderland Wear de Aparici

Sunderland becomes an ideal porcelain collection for both contract spaces and homes seeking exclusivity and originality. Its range of colors and its different textures offer infinite possibilities of placement, so that the design reigns in the interiors.

This collection transmits the natural wear and tear suffered by the stones over time, given by the different materials that make up the stone to wear and where different intensity of shine occurs.

The surface has a luxurious appearance due to the feeling of elegance and character it generates, but at the same time it retains the natural appearance of the stones, creating dreamy environments.

Foto: Pavimento Sunderland Beam de Aparici