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  -  Architecture   -  The porcelain manufacturing process of FONTINI mechanisms

70 years leading craftsmanship in the sector

In a company dominated by mass-produced products,
the firm FONTINI
stands out, which, true to its essence, continues to manufacture its products by hand. In this way you get products of high quality and design that transmit soul and character.

Aware of the importance of the quality of the material with which it works and the need to control the entire production process, FONTINI has its own factory in which it produces its porcelain products. In this way, the firm guarantees total control in the process of creating its pieces, taking care of every detail and achieving delicacy and distinction in its designs.

builds its DO and GARBY collections made of porcelain, through a delicate manufacturing process.

Photo: Manufacturing process. Body of the electrical mechanism of unpolished porcelain.

Start with the design and manufacture of porcelain pressing molds; this point is crucial since it should take into account the dimensional variability that porcelain experiences during the pressing and cooking processes; it continues to ensure the moisture level of porcelain within the ideal parameters and continues with the cooking process which is one of the most important stages of the manufacturing process, since it depends much on the characteristics of the product.

Finally, the pieces are polished and the enamel is applied completely covering them to achieve a homogeneous color and a gapless finish, and then bake the pieces.

Photo: Rotating hand polishing process for the electrical mechanism of Fontini’s Garby collection.

Once all the parts of each of the mechanisms have been hardened in the oven, the quality control phases begin. In this phase these parts that have not looked good or that have some tare are discarded and the enamel is reviewed to finally assemble the mechanisms and achieve as a result unique compositions arising from a highly careful manufacturing process.

In short, at FONTINI they work constantly to offer exclusive solutions for interior architecture, manufacture porcelain mechanisms to complete unique projects and take care of all production processes to ensure unique and reliable products.

Since 1950, they are committed to quality, people and territory and make an ongoing commitment to design, talent and innovation.