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  -  Bathroom   -  Nuovvo® MIO bathroom furniture

The perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality

MIO is a suspended bathroom furniture that reflects the elegance of the firm creating a modern stay thanks to its soft shapes designed to reduce the furniture to its minimum expression. Its rounded and careful shapes bring originality and harmony to the whole.

This spectacular NUOVVO® furniture has recently expanded its combinations with the catalog introduction of the LINE countertop, a pure marble surface that allows us to place on top of any sink on countertop, greatly increasing its possibilities.

The worktop fits to the millimeter with little gaskets, thus unifying the design and making it an exclusive and perfect piece to customize the bathroom in a distinguished way. Without a doubt it is a current piece of furniture that thanks to its rounded shapes makes the bathroom a more friendly environment, while allowing a great ease when it comes to cleaning it.

Photo: MIO bathroom furniture from Nuovvo® in concrete color.

The firm presents us with a functional and visually pristine piece of furniture. Seen from the front we barely notice a thin vertical line in the center that separates both drawers, since the edges are hidden behind a soft curve on the sides, as well as the mitered woodshed to open the drawers that we find at the bottom. One more example of that passion for the details that make Nuovvo® a leading firm in design and innovation.

It is a multifunctional furniture since it incorporates a steel plate on one of its sides with the function of towel rack, also facilitating the release of space. Its versatility allows you to configure the sink left or right with the towel rack on the nearest side, always thinking about our comfort and the use of everyday life. Its studied design makes MIO,a minimalist, beautiful and practical furniture.

Its measurements range from 80 cm to 160 in width, 25 cm in height and 46.5 cm deep. The drawers with pull opening system allow a total extraction resulting in the possibility of greater utility of the space. They also have the usual quality of Hettich guides that support up to 30 kg and have an integrated brake, for a cushioned closure that prevents shocks by inertia. The brand does not skimp on providing its drawers with 30 mm fronts and 19 mm boards for the outer hull. Qualities and materials that are synonymous with luxury and quality.

Photo: Nuovvo®MIO bathroom in white and ESFERIC countertop in white.

The MIO furniture is manufactured with the highest qualities, MDF lacquered in the 16 current tones that are available in the Catalog of Nuovvo®. These include several shades such as: chocolate, quartz pink, olive grey, pearl, ivory, wenge, or moka; not forgetting the most essential and demanded as black and white.

Photo: MIO AUX bathroom furniture by Nuovvo® in olive grey.

Nuovvo® also has in its catalog with MIO AUX,an auxiliary furniture of 60 x 38 x 23 cm, with 95o opening, regulation and integrated brake, with the same design as the bathroom furniture and that completes the whole in a balanced way.