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  -  Bathroom   -  “Bathroom for two” by Ramon Soler®

Project: Ramon Soler®‘s bathroom for two

Author and Execution of Work: Sia Biosca. Barcelona (Spain)

Location: Sia Biosca. Barcelona (Spain)

Date: 2020

Photograph: Stella Rotger

Styling and Art Direction: Carmen Barasona

The bathroom is one of the rooms that is most important in a house, being one of the most pleasant and intimate. In addition, over the years it is gaining the specific weight in safety, health, design and well-being.

On this occasion, the interior design of Ramon Soler®’s “Bathroom for Two” project stands out for being a shared bathroom, spacious and well distributed, and designed with neutral tones that will bring well-being and peace, without leaving design lovers indifferent.

Many people, couples, family members or roommates share bathrooms today. This premise is sometimes somewhat complicated, so it is important to plan the distribution and have a good organization and the right elements, so that within the same bathroom each person can have their own space. Having two sinks in the same furniture and two bathing areas, are some of the qualities that this project fulfills perfectly.

In the project, it is also worth highlighting the set of straight lines present in the bathroom elements, in contrast to the hanging lamps with circular shapes, as well as the excellent selection of the materials used.

URBAN CHIC by Ramon Soler®, awarded the IF Design Award 2020.-

Taps are a fundamental and key piece in the design of a bathroom. For this reason, your choice is fundamental to the quality and safety of the bathroom. Therefore that better option than equip the Baño for two project with Ramon Soler®’s URBAN CHIC tap collection, recently awarded the IF Design Award 2020.

Photo: Washbasin area with Ramon Soler®’s exclusive URBAN CHIC monocommand.

The collection of the DESIGN of designs URBAN CHIC,stands out for its quality and its design of straight lines. It also consists of a bold, slender, novel and elegant aesthetic. It is an absolutely functional taps with an innovative water control system with an advanced patent of the Tourbillon system.

The Tourbillon system has a route in which water passes through a low-power cartridge, where its temperature and flow are controlled. The route still does not lose its momentum and the water is sent to the bottom of the faucet, where it collides with the bottom and loses its bravura, to go back in a spiral circuit. From there it is re-adapted to the final fall where it is released in the form of a waterfall. This makes us, seeing the water coming out naturally, transport us to the nature of the waterfalls.

This time, the chrome finish is used, both for taps and for bathroom accessories, a timeless and sophisticated finish. However, URBAN CHICis available in matte black, brushed nickel and brushed gold finish.

Photo: Washbasin area with Ramon Soler®’s exclusive URBAN CHIC monocommand.

The project.-

“Bathroomfor two”, an authentic and natural space, ideal to enjoy as a couple, with an exempt bathtub, a shower, two sinks and plenty of space.

In this bathroom, one of the elements that surprises us the most, is the hand washing area where we can see two sinks that allow two people to have independence who share the bathroom and need to use them at the same time.

Its main objective is to create a comfortable bathroom, to be used by two people at once, for this it leaves a large area of passage clear and does not over recharge the environment.


Bathroom or shower? .-

This bathroom has two distinct areas, which create a complete water area: an exempt bathtub, to take a relaxed bath, and a shower area to make the daily toilet in a more agile way.

The exempt bathtub, located in the central area, stands out for its straight lines and its spectacular standing faucets of Ramon Soler®.

A towel rack on the side opposite the taps, creates balance and contributes to creating a diaphanous bath and an exclusive central area.


Washbasin area.-

A large double sink area, with countertop and sink in the same suspended piece, pristine white with straight lines, full of character to the place, creating a sophisticated and functional space while cleaning. The flown washes lighten the space, an effect further enhanced by the white color. We also observe, that each sink has its corresponding mirror, thus creating symmetrical shapes that provide a vision of harmony, order and visual cleansing.

In addition, the straight lines of the worktop contrast perfectly and break with the bold aesthetics and cascading water outlet of the single-control faucets from Ramon Soler®’s URBAN CHIC collection.

The“Bathroom for two”, project becomes the ideal bathroom to enjoy as a couple or be shared between family members or roommates. The most important thing in shared bathrooms is that everyone has their own space without hindering the other, a requirement that this project meets. In short, we are facing a space that radiates well-being and tranquility with the highest performance.