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  -  Bathroom   -  Ramon Soler® launches Ergos: a collection of bathroom accessories
The firm, a leader in the manufacture of faucets with more than 130 years of experience, launches Ergos, a new series of bathroom accessories, available in the latest trend finishes: brushed gold, brushed nickel, matt black and chrome. The range of Ergos accessories ranges from roll holders to soap dish, hangers, brushes and towel rails of different sizes.

The bathroom accessories are elements that contribute decisively to the design of this room. Thanks to balancing their functionality with their design, these accessories are able to increase the value of the bathroom.

A bathroom is currently unimaginable without accessories, and these elements facilitate personal hygiene tasks. It is important that these are of a high quality, so that they guarantee safety and a long service life. The accessories have to be useful and at the same time beautiful, and they are elements whose main function is to put the most necessary objects at your fingertips.

Ramon Soler®
they now offer the possibility of equipping the bathroom with the same finishes in their faucets and in a complete range of accessories. The idea of launching this complete collection of accessories is born from a demand in the market to match the finishes of the accessories with those of the faucets (brushed gold, matt black and nickel) to complete a designer bath. With this complete offer it is possible to fully equip the bathroom by coordinating faucets and shower systems with the accessories, because it is increasingly demanded to equip the bathroom entirely with the same finishes in the faucets and bathroom accessories. In this way, the demand for the same black, brushed nickel or brushed gold finish that have the same characteristics and qualities is solved.

For this reason, Ramon Soler® offers a set of accessories available in the latest trend finishes: several types of towel rails with different sizes, roll holders, brush, soap dish and hangers. These accessories become the ideal complement to your faucets. With them, we can fully equip a bathroom with the same finish. It will no longer be necessary for the client to look for the finish most similar to The Faucets of Ramon Soler® to maintain a concordance in the overall design of the bathroom, but now Ramon Soler® offers the opportunity to be exactly the same finish.

The complete collection of Ergos accessories offers several sizes of towel rails: they are available in size of 28cm long (very suitable for the sink area), and of another larger measure with 63cm long (suitable for the bath and shower area) and a third towel rack shelf with double functionality of 65cm.

Ramon Soler’s® Ergos accessories collection, as well as its faucet collections, are available in brushed nickel, brushed gold, chrome and matte black finishes. Even stopcocks, siphons, hydrotherapy, click-clac valves are manufactured with the same treatment as your faucets and your wide range of shower systems.

Its finishes are of high resistance and durability, anti scratches and antibacterial.
The firm
takes care of every last detail so that the design of the bathroom does not differ even in the slightest.