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  -  Bathroom   -  Ramon Soler’s healthiest taps®

Technology and accessibility available to everyone.

In the current times, health security as well as water and energy savings is one of our greatest commitments. For these new needs, Ramon Soler’s SOLTRONIC taps®,will become our greatest ally.

Innovation makes our lives easier and
Ramon Soler®
with SOLTRONIC 8119B offers the perfect electronic faucet for bathroom projects looking for innovation, quality and design.

Ramon Soler® with this design puts at our disposal a mixer faucet for sink with 9V alkaline battery, always with infrared sensor, ideal for projects in public spaces.

SOLTRONIC 8119B by Ramon Soler® has a design of architectural aesthetics with minimalist lines, perfect to integrate into contemporary bathrooms in both collective and domestic areas. The firm gives this piece a great design and quality, the two keys to become a successful faucet.

It stands out for paying special attention to comfort,thanks to the barrier-free activation and the temperature regulator, which offers the possibility to adjust a maximum of up to 50oC. In this way, it allows the safe and effortless use of young children, the elderly and people with disabilities. They are also prepared to make their health function extremely effective and robust vandal-proof.

The SOLTRONIC 8119B faucet provides us with maximum hygiene and comfort. Thanks to its operation we do not touch it, playing in favor of its careful cleaning and benefiting from a precise water outlet: by depositing our hands under an electronic faucet, it will drop the necessary water.

Unlike the manual faucets we usually have in our bathrooms, which are often left running or partially open, electronic faucets automatically close after use. This guarantees significant water savings, reaching up to 70 savings compared to other conventional systems.

In addition, Ramon Soler’s SOLTRONIC 8119B® has an electronically set flow time when activated and include an adjustable safety time limit, via remote control. By default, if the sensor is covered for more than 90 seconds, the water outlet closes automatically, preventing any risk of uncontrolled consumption.

Ramon Soler®
for 130 years has been overcome every day perfecting its products for the specific demands of the market, both in water saving, safety, health and full comfort for people.


Tilted electronic tap of a washbasin water with battery

Own Team


9V alkaline battery

Flow rate: limited 6/l min

Water temperature: maximum 70o

Operating pressure: 0.5 – 8.0 bar, recommended 3 bar

Operating distance: 50mm to 160mm

2-year warranty