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  -  Architecture   -  Matt black built-in basin mixer from the Alexia collection by Ramon Soler®
Minimalist elegance

Black is a trend in the bathrooms as it is a timeless color that combines perfectly with any other, representing the elegance and good taste of the most avant-garde interiors. Adding some black detail causes people to turn their attention to that particular point that gives off distinction in its purest form and invites to be admired by anyone who shows up in the bathroom.

Alexia collection by Ramon Soler® presents its single-handed washbasin now in matte black, a finish that provides sobriety to space, conquering the most exclusive bathrooms with its avant-garde design. The matte black faucet next to the bowl-shaped sink forms a subtle ensemble following a monochrome line that is associated with a minimalist interior.

The wall-mounted monomanding of the Alexiacollection becomes the most practical sink faucet, as it gives greater functionality to the space, freeing the countertop and expanding the visual field of the room in a subtle way.

This curved and ergonomic line design tap creates dynamism with delicate shapes and adapts to both bowl sinks and countertop sinks.

The quality of its finishes is one of the most important aspects for Ramon Soler®which uses advanced techniques that offer maximum resistance with respect to the daily use of its taps. The matte black finish is excellent thanks to its contribution in strength and durability with the electrostatic over galvanized technique that makes the taps an element that is constantly in innovation.

In addition, the combination of black with grey, white and wood colors, create a visual effect of cleanliness and majesty in the bathroom. Also, this collection consists of soft lines that create great comfort to the user.

Ramon Soler®brings us a new improved collection, in shape and technique, demonstrating that with each design it is overcome a little more by making some taps of the most functional and aesthetic that give off an elegance and a style like no other.