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Carmen Barasona

Founder and CEO of BARASONA Design and Communication.

Born in Seville, interior designer, designer, painter, communicator and public relations. It does a crucial job for brands: communicating and positioning them in the sector of architecture, design, decoration and lifestyle.

His design expertise allows him to merge two disciplines such as communication and design, offering his clients added value when communicating.

“To offer a client design, interior design and communication is to be part of them. Communicating is my life”

Barasona Design and Communication

Press, communication and advertising agency that was born in 2005.

We are a multidisciplinary team of regular collaborators, covering interior design, styling, graphic design, creation or change of corporate identity brand, video, photography, marketing… allowing to approach projects globally and offering clients a personalized and exclusive treatment.

Our DNA unifies the potential of public relations, direct communication with professionals in the sector, the creation of content and news to obtain maximum dissemination in the press –online and offline-, actions in social networks, and a 360o vision, able to develop strategies and campaigns that adapt to the needs of our customers.

We enhance the creation of a visual identity suitable to each of our customers. We love to think, execute and produce all kinds of communication actions depending on the objectives we want to achieve. We generate ideas in all formats and for all channels: graphics, video, radio, web, events… Images and words combine to define a market strategy, achieving an effective link with the press and the consumer.

Our main objective is the dissemination of news and relations with the press and professionals in the sector. We have a fluid and continuous relationship with the press, the media value our objectivity and rigor, they value our effectiveness and the quality of our communications.

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