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  -  Decoration   -  Give Brabantia for Christmas
Keep the bread in good condition and also have a fully tidy pantry Can you think of a better gift? These are the small details that make the difference in our day to day with Brabantia.

The traditional Christmas gifts arrive. While we celebrate Christmas one more year, we want to thank the people around us in detail, but every year it becomes a more complicated task to choose the right gift.

If we stop to think how many hours do we invest in everything that daily food implies: cooking, buying, storing the purchase, cleaning the kitchen, looking at what we lack in the fridge? A lot of time a day, without realizing it. So how about making each other the most enjoyable routine?

This is what
proposes on this occasion with its packs of items to give away. Among the multitude of design, functional and sustainable products of the Dutch brand, we highlight some that are distinguished by their elegance and utility.

For example, opening a bottle of wine will be almost immediate thanks to the
Classic corkscrew
with 5 years warranty and 99% recyclable after using Brabantia. It is suitable for all standard bottles, grips easily and has a large rotating handle. Just turn a few times to the right and you’re done. A twist for the better.

Foto: sacacorchos Classic Matt Steel de Brabantia.

Another of the items that stand out for their elegance and their way of turning your pantry into an oasis of order are the
boats with peephole
. Do you want to store the ingredients better? Invest in Brabantia’s 1.4-litre peephole boats. They bring a lid with a tight click closure so that the contents stay fresh for longer. In addition, they come with an antistatic peephole to always have coffee, tea or any other ingredient in sight. They have a 10-year warranty and are sustainable. Piece of boat!

Foto: Set de 3 botes con mirilla de Brabantia. Acabado Soft Beige.

The world of bread baskets. Keep your bread handy and fresh for longer in the
folding Panera – Soft Beige | Brabantia
. This bread basket beauty can hold up to two loaves of bread, or anything else you want, thanks to its rectangular design, it does not take up too much space… In addition, it takes up little space: it has a flat top to place your boats, the lid has a wide grip for easy opening and a magnet for a perfect closure. Don’t have counter space? In that case you can hang it on the wall through its holes in the back. A bread basket that will make you fall in love!

It has a 10-year warranty and is sustainable.

Foto: Panera abatible y bote con mirilla de Brabantia. Acabado Soft Beige.

Who said that a cube is not a good gift when we talk about facilitating our day to day. The usefulness of a cube is continuous and therefore, having a cube of the highest quality, with 10 years of warranty will make you feel more comfortable in your home. Brabantia’s sustainable 30-litre
NewIcon pedal hub
features an iconic design and is a great ally. With the highest quality, it always stands firm thanks to its non-slip base and anti-roll lock. In addition, it has a unique soft closing system. And in addition this pedal bucket is also hygienic odorproof and easy to clean, its lid opens and closes easily. Perfect for the kitchen or for any room in the home where you need 30 liters of timeless design.

Foto: cubo de pedal NewIcon de Brabantia, color Soft Beige.

For a design of the latest trend, we can choose to give the
Bo Touch cube
from Brabantia, a bucket that can perfectly pass through one more piece of furniture and has everything that is needed to easily separate waste. It has two removable inner buckets for two types of waste (expandable to 3), fits perfectly against the wall and is very stable thanks to its adjustable non-slip legs. In addition, thanks to its smooth opening system you can open and close it easily with just the touch of one hand.

It has a 10-year warranty, is sustainable and odor approved.

Foto: cubo Bo Touch de Brabantia, color Metallic Gold.

With these fully combinable items, you will be able to give life and warmth to the room that has become the heart of the house, it is a plus to feel comfortable and relaxed. Brabantia offers you a multitude of ideas for you to give this Christmas and turn the day to day of your loved ones into unique and pleasant experiences.

Foto: De izq. a drcha.: Cubo Bo Touch Bin Matt Black, Panera tapa basculante Matt Black, 3 botes con mirilla Matt Black, Sacacorchos Classic Matt Steel, Cubo Bo Touch Bin White, Panera tapa Basculante White, Set 3 botes con mirilla White, Sacacorchos Classic White.
Foto: De izq. a drcha.: Cubo Bo Touch Bin Hi Matt Black, Panera tapa basculante Matt Black, 3 botes con mirilla Matt Black, Sacacorchos Classic Matt Steel, Cubo Bo Touch Bin Hi White, Panera tapa Basculante White, Set 3 botes con mirilla White, Sacacorchos Classic White.