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  -  comunicación   -  KHAMA collaborates with Kronohealth, experts in sleep medicine and chronotherapy

Kronohealth is a spin-off of the Chronobiology laboratory of the University of Murcia. Kronohealth helps you improve your habits to achieve good sleep hygiene.

How to sleep better thanks to chronobiology

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you wake up many times during the night? Do you feel like you don’t rest when you sleep? Your sleep problems may have to do with a chronodisruption of your circadian rhythms. What does this mean? Read on to learn how you can sleep better thanks to chronobiology.

To answer the key question we all ask ourselves: how to sleep better?,
collaborates with Kronohealth, a spin-off of the Chronobiology laboratory of the University of Murcia. Kronohealth is made up of experts in sleep medicine, chronotherapy and habit improvement to achieve good sleep hygiene.

Chronobiology, circadian rhythms and chronodisruption

Chronobiology (from the Greek kronos = time, bios = life and logos = science) is the science that studies biological rhythms, that is, the recurrence of a biological phenomenon at regular intervals. When these biological rhythms occur in a period close to a day (24 hours), as occurs in people, they are known as circadian rhythms.

For normal functioning of the circadian system, our biological clock must be in sync with environmental cycles. Therefore, it is not surprising that the main synchronizer is the light-dark cycle, although meal, work, physical activity and sleep schedules can also act as synchronizers.

When our biological clock is not synchronized with environmental cycles is when chronodisruption occurs. Chronodisruption alters melatonin and cortisol, sleep and stress hormones, and increases the risk of degenerative diseases such as premature aging, cancer, cardiovascular disease and obesity.

A personalized comprehensive study

“Catching your sleep” is
comprehensive circadian counseling study in which they analyze your circadian rhythms in order to detect your sleep problems and guide you the habits or the appropriate treatment that allows you to improve your quality of life.

The measurement is carried out using Kronowise, a multi-sensor wristband device that records data on body temperature, activity, body position and exposure to light, circadian variants that can influence your rest. After 10 years of development, Kronowise is a reliable and accurate device. Their records have been contrasted and validated by polysomnography in different population groups and recognized by the scientific community.

In this link you can answer
this simple Kronohealth test
to quickly know how is the quality of your rest. And, if you need it, you can contact them for advice on how to improve it.

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