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  -  comunicación   -  CANCIO collections use new antibacterial textiles
Cancio innovate relentlessly to offer the best finishes along with the best design. For this reason, he now offers his collections with vinyl textiles treated against bacteria, abrasion and stains.

CANCIO works with a new treatment in its vinyl textiles, which provides proven efficiency against bacteria and stains, in this way they offer innovative and unbeatable upholstery in their collections of chairs and armchairs of an exceptional Scandinavian design.

CANCIO’s collections provide a guarantee, thanks to this type of textile designed to achieve a resistant and effective barrier against the three main problems, which are located in the facilities for the hospitality sector: germs, abrasion and stains. It can’t be seen or seen, but the protection offered by this type of textiles results in higher performance and a good lasting appearance, with minimal maintenance.

The firmapplies these fabrics to its collections of chairs and armchairs of different formats, available in countless materials and finishes, among which stand out the most innovative vinyl upholstery with protection against germs.

In addition to this CANCIO treatment,it reaffirms its clear vocation towards sustainability and contributes to a more hygienic environment, as it keeps the concentration of germs low. It also prevents the proliferation of mold, mold and mold spores, which can cause unpleasant odors, unsightly stains, and even allergic reactions. Therefore, it offers unmatched antifungal protection, as it resists Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria, filamentous fungi and yeasts. This means that CANCIO vinyl not only maintains its good appearance but also retains its high resistance to deterioration, avoiding cracks, cracks and loss of flexibility. Therefore, from any point of view, whether hygienic, aesthetic or structural, this treatment offers superior antibacterial protection.

DESIGN.- Some of the collections of CANCIO,such as ARIS and NUBA stand out for their organic volumes and the cozy and impeccable design, with soft and ergonomic lines, which help to provide our spaces with a unique character thanks to its inspiration in Nordic furniture.

EASY CLEANING.- Most daily stains of fat, blood, markers, sauces,… they can be easily removed by passing a cloth with soap and water through the treated vinyl.