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COCOON, the bed that fits the way you sleep, like a tailored suit.

Heat, cold, too soft, too hard…

There are endless forms of rest, different and unique, so many, that normally no couple needs the same kind of “their side of bed”.

Our way of sleeping varies depending on different factors: age, weight, injuries, contractures, breathing problems, postures or other personal needs.

COCOON was born to facilitate a couple’s rest. It is an innovative resting system where you can choose in detail how you want your bed side to be, and at the same time share the same bed with your partner: Each customizes the degree of firmness of its side of the bed and chooses different features that will allow an absolutely restful rest.

To facilitate a deep rest in addition to taking into account the firmness of the bed, other factors such as elasticity must be observed in order to relieve pressures on the heavier parts of the body, sensory characteristics such as the feeling of heat or cold overnight. There are a lot of people who suffer the heat of the night and this does not allow them to rest deeply, for this COCOON offers systems that refresh your side of the bed thanks to the resting system is formed by internal layers that reduce quickly the heat.

COCOON is a revolution in rest systems: offering solutions capable of adapting to you.