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  -  Decoration   -  CELINE WRIGHT Luminaires

Creation close to nature is the ultimate expression of our essence. The design of organic lines, clean, with clear reminiscence to elements typical of the forms presented by nature is the result of a work as idyllic as real.

CLINE WRIGHT, known in the Gallic country for more than 17 years, is considered one of the 44 most influential women in the French universe of decoration, design and architecture, with a great projection in the future.

CLINE WRIGHT is distinguished in its generation by its sensitive and poetic approach to design and produce, inspired by plant and mineral matter.

The designer uses the Technique of Japanese Paper and creates decorative lamps that recreate natural elements such as clouds, the moon, the sun… Making its luminaires pieces that evoke calm and serenity.

“I don’t oppose modern technology, but otherwise. Not for nothing do some of my creations use the most sophisticated technologies but the natural elements that you want to touch, predominate“CLINE comments from her atelier in Paris.

Their luminaires are manufactured under rigorous order.