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  -  Decoration   -  Spring corner

We have walked through the streets and in the windows we see the arrival of spring. Aren’t you looking forward to enjoying those sun-filled days and flowers? It’s time for your house to fill up with details and make it prettier than ever!

Painting the house with spring colors is not as practical as incorporating simple details that will make our house have a spring touch, in this can help us vinyls, that brighten and revitalize any environment and are very easy to apply. From Barasona, we propose details that don’t make you spend too much money but that make you live.

In this corner the magic of spring blossoms with its animals, the song of the birds, the joy of spring and we want you to be beautiful, taking care of you in your corner of beauty with creams and shampoos made with natural oils.

We ended up thanking Fontini, manufacturer of electric white porcelain mechanisms, to Fontini, switches designed for charming houses.