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  -  Decoration   -  What kind of lighting do you use in modern salons?

Lighting is essential, it is not only important to perform everyday tasks, but to decorate a space and give it personality.

A good location of the light points is the key to the environment having a certain style.

A space has to have a general light that is uniform and without shadows. It’s good for orienting yourself. It is achieved with a central light source on the ceiling or with appliques.

Also in the living room an ambient light is ideal because it is a subtle light. It is achieved with floor and table lamps distributed throughout the living room. Better if they have light regulators, as you can lower and increase the light intensity, creating the right atmosphere.

Don’t forget the great effects that you get with the spotlights to highlight the most strategic points of your room or a certain object.

If the space is large and requires it we must combine a general light with spotlights that create light areas within the same space. Remember that spot lamps optimize general lighting. And don’t forget that if you light up the ceiling and walls, the rooms look more spacious.

To have a well-lit dining room it is best to choose a ceiling lamp. Install the dining lamp one meter high above the table.

However, in the living room, a single ceiling lamp is not advisable because it produces a very contrasting lighting. We recommend indirect lights in the different areas of the living room because this will give you more cozy environments.

Photo: Molins Interiors.