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  -  Bedroom   -  300-thread sheets from Supratex. Softness and quality in bed linen.

Supratex offers the highest quality bedding for your Hotel. Sabanas 100 cotton 300 threads, which will bring a unique and unforgettable experience to guests during their stay.

The bedding made with more than 144 threads per inch, is synonymous with quality, durability and comfort, in this case we are talking about lingerie of 300 threads. If we add to this that they are fabrics 100 cotton, we give it maximum softness, the most important property in bed fabrics. Therefore, we are facing a collection of sheets of the highest quality.

thanks to its more than 25 years of experience in the textile contract sector, provides us with the bedding that will make it possible for your customers’ experience in your establishment to continue when they go to bed, and remember their accommodation, as a unique experience.

When we arrived at a hotel room, the bed is the center of the looks, but especially the clothes that cover it. After a long day, there is nothing more pleasant than enjoying the best dreams in a well-made bed, with sheets of the finest cotton, that give you that cozy and relaxing feeling, even better than if it were your own bed.

The hotelier values the durability and quality of the garments, always looking for your investment to be as profitable as possible. In addition, lingerie should be that detail that always makes a difference in a hotel room. It is essential, therefore, that these garments are white and neat, and that they transmit freshness, cleanliness and feeling of well-being, to make the guest feel even better than at home.

Lingerie becomes one of the most important points when it comes to rating a hotel, sleeping well and feeling comfortable, it is definitely the detail that will make the guest come back or recommend the hotel. White is the color par excellence, which will transmit hygiene as well as luxury and a pleasant atmosphere, welcoming and pleasant to the guest.