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  -  Bathroom   -  ATHOS of Nuovvo®, the sink that extols the beauty of natural marble
Nuovvo® countertop proposal, square in shape, has a subtle drain that remains hidden under an elongated lid of the same material as the sink. In addition, being a natural 100 product, each piece is unique, unrepeatable and different in hue and veining.

An ode to the elegance of natural marble: this is ATHOS,THE sink on countertop of NUOVVO® which aims to move us to the Venetian architecture, luxurious and striking that falls in love at first sight. The proposal has a subtle drain that remains hidden under an elongated lid of the same material as the sink, giving it continuity and a clean and sophisticated appearance.

This exclusive sink on the countertop has a square shape with dimensions of 38 x 41 x 12 cm, and includes a hole to integrate the faucets into the same piece. In addition, it can be combined with The bathroom furniture Rome, Ryo, Ryo Up, Aware, Sakura, Sakura Up and Palo.

ATHOS belongs to THE Pura Pietra series of washbasins and countertops from
made of natural marble and available in 9 different colors such as the spectacular Carrara, the Black Marquina, the Indian Green or the Ivory Cream. To do this, the firm selects natural stones from the best quarries and applies hydrorepentant and anti-staining treatments, which prevent the proliferation of bacteria, thus facilitating their cleaning and preserving the original beauty for a long time. Quality is one of the most important premises of the brand and this is demonstrated in each of its products.

In addition, all ATHOSwashbasins, being a natural 100 product, are unique, unrepeatable and different pieces in hue and veining, which due to their formation process have inlays of other minerals and some other irregularities that enhance their beauty.

With ATHOS, NUOVVO® features a sink on countertop that will captivate all eyes and mark the distinction in the bathroom, giving it an exclusive touch with a unique and unrepeatable piece as only the authentic stone can offer you.

An elongated marble lid keeps the drain hidden, giving it a clean and sophisticated look.