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  -  Bathroom   -  NUOVVO TOBA Bath®: Timeless elegance

NUOVVO® achieves a perfect combination of elegance and purist design with the TOBA free-placement bathtub model. The new outdoor bath allows you to freely plan the most sophisticated bathrooms, giving special aesthetic touches and expanding the freedom of personalized design.

An almost sculptural bathtub with a decorative value that makes the bathroom an exclusive space.

THE TOBA bath model fromNUOVVO®features a timeless design of clean and delicate lines, which transmit comfort and shelter with the naked eye. Its design is very thought out, offering a bathtub that is especially nice and comfortable by the shoulder area, is slightly anatomical.


Made of NuovvoSolid material a compact material, non-deformable and durable, which guarantees the highest quality and neatness. TOBA becomes a real gem to place in the bathrooms with the most demanding design.

Its matte white finish, uniform and warm, is as pleasant both to the touch and to the eye, managing to fill the room in which it is located with luminosity and elegance.

It is a functional bathtub, thanks to its dimensions and shape. It has an oval base of 115x38cm that widens at the top, until it reaches a measure, proportional to the base, of 150x70cm.

In addition, TOBA is an easy to install and clean bathtub. It has an internal overflow of double wall, discreet and minimalist. Therefore, in addition to having a pristine aesthetic, it is a safe, comfortable, and ergonomic bathtub.