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We attended the professional meeting Architecture&Action organized by Infinity Inner.

The event was held at Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel, where different themes of architecture and interior design were discussed.

Arquitectura & Acción was a meeting where architects, designers, industry and other professionals linked to the construction sector, met to discuss and share experiences and concerns to enhance the architecture sector.

The importance of Spanish architecture was highlighted, which continues to triumph around the world and reap success. Many International works have unveiled the Spanish label, beyond our borders.

Another key issue was internationalization. The current economic situation means that many entrepreneurs have to internationalize, thus seeking new markets and new opportunities. To do this you have to know how to detect the countries, where there is more demand in the international context of architecture considering that getting to them is not going to be an easy way.

In this first edition Architecture in Motion “New destinations, new projects” the objective was to connect nationally and internationally recognized professionals to share experiences in internationalization processes in addition to learning about destinations with international development opportunities.