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  -  Events   -  Ramon Soler’s Dualshower: the best gift for Mother’s Day

Mothers deserve a comforting and relaxing moment every day, and what a better way to do it than with a good shower.

We propose to give our mothers Ramon Soler’s DualShower sprinkler.

The Dualshower sprinkler in addition to providing a current aesthetic creates a clean and harmonious atmosphere, making daily grooming the best time of the day.

This sprinkler by Ramon Soler offers great well-being to users thanks to its two types of water outlet: waterfall and rain. The rain effect is very relaxing and the exit of the water in an abundant waterfall tones the body and fills it with vitality.

Its sober and refined aesthetic allows this sprinkler to fit into any bathing environment, and is at the forefront of the most modern bathrooms.

DualShower is a wall-mounted shower made of chrome-finished steel.

The piece has measures of 55 cm x 23 cm. The rain zone has a micro-jet system with anti-cal function and occupies an area of 22 x18 cm. Also DualShower offers a generous and refreshing waterfall 15 cm wide. The flow rate of both versions is regulated at 14 liters/minute by special filters and limiters, which contributes to energy savings.

Without a doubt, Ramon Soler with Dualshower offers the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.