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  -  Events   -  Success in the presentation event of “El Buen Dormir”, the senttix recipe to fall asleep at the hand of Martín Berasategui.

We want to share with you the success of our event with Martín Berasategui and Senttix,last Thursday, June 27. From Barasona Design and Communication,we made a press call for the event, in which Senttix and Martín Berasategui,presented their new publication to the press: Recipes for “The Good Sleep”. The event took place between vineyards and barrels in the Barahonda Restaurant in the city of Yecla (Murcia). They attended, various media, from press, to tv and radio channels in Murcia. They also attended the event interior designers of the Indoor Designers of C.Valencia, and important bloggers, among others…

Martin Berasategui; Dreamer, chef with 10 Michelin stars becomes ambassador of Senttix’s The Good Sleep. From this agreement was born the first book of “Recipes for The Good Sleep”, with which they link two of the basic pillars to maintain a healthy and full life: El Buen Dormir, by the hand of Senttix and El Buen Comer by The hand of Martín Berasategui.

The book is a brief and amedondel compendium of good practices with which to fully enjoy the benefits that El Buen Dormir entails, as opposed to the current trend that encourages the relererating of sleep to a second place, and that produces with it numerous and serious p wrongs, not only personal, but also social.

The main benefits that are obtained with The Good Sleep are:


It boosts your memory.

Increase your productivity and performance.

Improve your immune system.

It rejuvenates you.

Improve your mental health.

Improve your imagination and creativity,…

It makes you happier. (download book “The Good Sleep”)


Martín Berasategui was present at the event, in which he was able to share with the attendees, some of his experiences and experiences that have led him to be the most awarded cook worldwide. The chef personally attended the interviews with the press and signed and dedicated the book, in its exclusive edition, to all the people who wanted it.

To complete the day, attendees were able to visit the Senttix, where they discovered the entire process of manufacturing the rest systems and were able to know from within, the secret of The Good Sleep. Visiting from logistics warehouses and the most advanced robotic production systems, to the areas of artisanal production, natural materials, manual upholstery of beds, etc.

A day of relaxation, disconnection, tranquility and enjoyment of the great pleasures, among them: good talks, a good wine, a good meal and above all a good rest.

It was a unique date, which brought together good eating, good sleep and good times, to offer the secret of a healthy life.