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  -  Decoration   -  Paris Lamp by CANCIO

CANCIO, the furniture manufacturer Contract with more than 60 years of experience, presents the PARIS lamp. It is simple lines and Scandinavian inspiration designed to illuminate in any domestic project or Contract.


The pleasant PARIS lamp combines functionality with modernity covering people’s physical and emotional needs as it conveys serenity and comfort. This design is part of an artisanal philosophy that escapes the industrial by adding a material that gives warmth to the space such as wood.

CANCIO’s wonderful work features a distinguished design that turns the lamp into a lightweight object that does not recharge the space. Its goal is to transmit tranquility in the environment without forgetting the beauty of its forms.


The CANCIO lamp consistsof a base of three legs and a tulip, are two parts that are joined making a total measurement of 180 cm high as a whole.

PARIS has a fabric tulip on the top with a white or anthracite finish. It has a measurement of 45 cm both in its height and at its base, which narrows slightly until it reaches its surface.

The lamp foot is made up of three legs, square section and 135cm high, made of solid wood of dyed or lacquered bead. These legs come out of the body of the tulip, and extend and separate to the ground, creating a structure that provides the whole lamp, a perfect support remaining stable without the possibility of wobbling, since the foot is designed to provide PARIS of great stability.

The CANCIO lamp is an option that adapts to any space thanks to its shapes reminiscent of the nature of the forests in addition to the wood colors with black and white tones that combine practically everything.