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  -  Indoor Projects   -  Main Luminaire ready!!! Ares Iberica and Greta

Ares Iberica has collaborated with us and has ceded the SPECTACULAR GRETA lampara in orange. We believe it is the perfect luminaire for our spring bath. What do you think?

Greta de Ares Ibérica: Floor lamp for outdoorand and indoors.

The lighting scales and is positioned at the forefront of importance in decoration. Decorative floor lamps are ideal for marking a differentiating point in any room.

Greta is the emblematic piece of Ares Ibérica’s decorative collection. Because of its impeccable design in stainless steel, aluminum and vibrated cement it does not leave us indifferent. A central pivot allows the desired position to be fixed and is kept in balance thanks to a counterweight made on the same material as the base. It is also a type of luminaire designed to withstand the worst conditions in high salinity environments. It is the ideal floor lamp for the exterior and interior.

Greta has a very balanced design and offers us an adjustable height so it makes it a very functional model. The minimum height is 150 centimeters, with a maximum of 220 centimeters.

Greta de Ares Ibérica comes in five colors ranging from red, white, black to brown. And also for those looking for unique products, Ares presents the limited edition Greta in the orange finish. For this wide range of color and such a contemporary design, Greta is a lamp that fits any type of environment.