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  -  Lighting   -  CIRCULAR by Pujol Iluminación

Understood circumference as synonymous with perfection, curved lines evoke infinity, thus provoking feelings of harmony and well-being. Pujol Iluminación presents its new CIRCULARcollection, through which it provides the necessary balance for any room.

The design belongs to AGGO Design Studio,an agency specialized in industrial design with offices in New York and Barcelona, from where they base all their ideas on improving the human factor.

CIRCULAR is a collection of tabletop luminaires and appliques, with a subtle, cheerful and elegant design at the same time, based on the shapes that advertise their own name.

Photo: CIRCULAR by PujolIluminación in chrome, matt nickel, black and white finishes.


Ideal for both lighting and a perfect decoration object, the table lamps feature a 320mm high foot, which rises on a circular base and culminates in a ceiling of the same geometric shape but 170mm in diameter.

In addition, CIRCULAR desktop has, as an option, a dimmablesystem, which allows to regulate its light intensity.

As for wall lamps, they offer much more indirect and relaxed lighting. The decorative and aesthetic purpose of circular appliques creates a perfect and accurate effect to project light with a pleasant and calm air. Its wall base measures 120mm in diameter and its 170mm ceiling.

The entire collection has a frame made of aluminum and steel, making it a highly resistant and quality collection, both lamps and table lamps. CIRCULAR is available in three finishes: chrome, matt nickel, black and white, thus offering different possibilities depending on the environment.

Pujol Iluminaciónworks to create luminaires of exclusive design and maximum quality with the purpose of elegantly completing the most cutting-edge interior design projects, allowing countless uses and light intensities throughout its range of light products.

Photo: CIRCULAR Apply by Pujol Iluminacióninwhite



Manufacturer: Pujol Lighting

Designer: Aggo Estudi

Model: Circular

Materials: aluminum and steel frame

Finishes: chrome, matte nickel, black and white



  • PS-203
  • PS-204