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  -  News   -  FONT BARCELONA FIVE DOT ONE Regulator (5.1)

5.1 Graphite, plate: graphite brass, mechanism: intensity regulator

To create warm environments, it is essential to master the intensity of light.

FONT Barcelona brings design and technology into its new range of 5.1 (Five dot One) regulators and pushbuttons.

Button-powered regulators with 400W power allow you to control the intensity with a rotating button movement.

Pushbuttons are 500 and 1000W electronic power mechanisms. They can be used as doorbells or as intensity controls.

2 models are available, with button or hand.

FONT Barcelona’s Five dot One (5.1) products are the latest generation electrical mechanisms worked with extraordinary quality. Its very refined and architectural lines allow it to be fully integrated into the wall. Very innovative finishes made with special manufacturing processes are also presented, to achieve a true article of quality and design (copper, steel, bronze, etc…).

Five dot One (5.1) is a fully customized electrical mechanism that guarantees us a unique product.

The way of working of this new brand is summarized in: maximum quality in the finishes, after-sales service and personalized treatment for all interior architecture projects.

Design: GuimeraiCinca Studio

Finishes: Corian, Brass (various finishes), Brushed Steel, Aluminum (various finishes)