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  -  News   -  Fontini’s new repair spray

When we choose Fontini’s unique electrical surface installation system with tubes and is of aged steel, in the installation there may be rubbing and spoiling this aged finish of the tubes with some scratching in the paint.

or leaving marks on tubes or staples or junction boxes, etc.

For this reason, Fontini launches a new product, a 200 ml aged metal repairer SPRAY for Fontini surface metal products.

Fontini SPRAY allows to coat with the same paint the shocks, marks and possible stripes that may appear during use, getting an intact installation.

A perfect solution for all those damages created after installation in an easy and fast way. The product is applied at a distance between 30 and 50 cm thus facilitating a homogeneous distribution of the paint.

With this new product, we managed to have beautiful surface electrical installations with really perfect finishes.