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KHAMA.ES synonymous with healthy rest, the mattress created to customize your two sides and thus have a perfect sleep in summer and winter.

If in winter it is cold and in summer hot, what do we do with our mattress? Very easy, on the new mattress KHAMA.ES each face of the mattress is prepared for one season: one for winter and one for summer.

To rest well in summer, it is important to choose the intensity of freshness that we prefer, so we can customize the fabric that best suits our summer well-being.

– Our 3D fabric is unrivalled when it comes to regulating air and humidity. Thanks to it you will get the greatest feeling of freshness possible, making it ideal to use in very humid environments, coastal areas or hot people who need to sleep with ventilation. This fabric consists of a double top and bottom layer, connected through millions of fibers that favor better ventilation, comfort, and hygiene.

– When looking for a feeling of intermediate freshness, we use the fabric known as ®FERAN ICE. This material offers the feeling of just freshness thanks to a soft hydrophilic layer that absorbs the existing moisture of the fabric, increasing the evaporation capacity and refreshing the body in a balanced way.

– If you are one of those who in summer need to be covered with a sheet, the best fabric for your mattress is linen, which combines a feeling of freshness and optimal hygiene for indoor or low humidity areas. Sleeping on flax produces greater well-being, deeper sleep and healthy rest.

After choosing our summer face, we will have to choose the fabrics that will configure our winter face. You can choose from:

– If you are hot even in winter. In that case, we will customize the mattress with Organic Cotton that will provide you with greater ventilation. This cotton is grown in chemical-free soil fields, thus ensuring a healthy rest.

– Fabrics of intermediate warmth, like our natural silk, provides the perfect combination of warmth and healthy rest. Its softness is incomparable, it adapts to the balance of our bodies naturally, and in addition, the protein it contains makes the mattress an inhospitable environment for mites.

– Finally you can choose the option that will give you a feeling of more warmth. The wool that for its warmth, lightness and comfort is a perfect regulator of the body moisture, welcoming among its fibers the different curves of the body, guarantees a restful rest.

When customizing our mattress KHAMA.ES we must take into account what level of firmness we need, what intensity of freshness we prefer and what feeling of warmth we want.

– A superior firmness is advisable for people who move a lot at night or when you have a high weight. In this case we use a nucleus composed of high density viscoelastic and HR. So when we lie on the mattress, it adapts to the body perfectly, eliminating the pressures, and getting a more comfortable, comforting, and healthy rest.

– A level of intermediate firmness, offers the perfect combination of freedom of movement and adaptability. To achieve this, we will choose a micro-packed spring core. This technology behaves in an extraordinary way, maintains the independence of beds facilitating the movements of a person without harming those of his partner. It also has perimeter reinforcements, which result in the perfect combination between firmness and softness.

– People who tend to sleep on their side or have a lighter weight need latex mattresses that offer a soft firmness that allow an excellent adaptation of the mattress to the body while strengthening the lumbar area.

The key to finding your perfect mattress will depend on the level of firmness, the feeling of freshness for summer and warmth for winter. Choosing what you prefer and making it happen is now possible with KHAMA.ES