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  -  News   -  Large format showers by Ramon Soler for classic bathrooms.

Ramon Soler knows what vintage and classic style needs, and that’s why with the Gaudí BHRG 200 set it makes it easy, it is a large format sprinkler with timeless design and suitable for any environment.

BHRG 200 Gaudí set consists of a large sprinkler of 200 mm that can be installed with 35 cm wall output or with vertical output of 15 cm.

Its shape recreates the aesthetics of the bath sprinklers of previous decades. However, this classic memory is replaced by sensations of modernity.

BHRG 200 Gaudí set fits perfectly in bathrooms to which we want to give a touch of charm and will give sweetness to the most avant-garde bathrooms.

With this beautiful sprinkler by Ramon Soler you can enjoy placid showers with a perfect water outlet.