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  -  News   -  Ramon Soler XXL sprinklers. Estetica and Pleasure.

In today’s bathrooms there are two values that are on the rise and complemented: aesthetics and pleasure; that’s why Ramon Soler’s big sprinklers are the protagonists.

Ramon Soler sprinklers now take on a larger dimension through an internal diffusion system that allows water particles to come out through each and every hole as a soft curtain, managing to encompass a greater space in the shower and therefore , greater well-being.

These models allow, due to their large size, to recreate the sensation of tropical rain stimulating the whole body and flooding it with pleasure.

They are sprinklers of high quality and great beauty, with the usual guarantee that this firm offers and can also be combined perfectly with all the collections of the Ramon Soler taps.

There is the possibility of both going to the ceiling and the wall, with a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Finish: chrome.

Design: own equipment.