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  -  News   -  The kitchen comes alive with Ramon Soler’s Arola faucet.

The kitchens are in luck because with the new rotary monomando that Toni Arola has designed for Ramon Soler now the kitchen is more elegant than ever.

Cooking as a family, cooking for your partner and for friends is something that is part of life and therefore the ideal is to have a kitchen as practical and elegant as possible, hence the great need to incorporate a good taps like the wide range offered by Ramon Soler.

As we all know, cuisine has become an undisputed protagonist of our homes, and we must turn it into a practical and refined space that makes us enjoy the world of gastronomy. With this argument Ramon Soler presents Arola, a taps that unites elegance and comfort: being a high and rotating pipe, the daily washing of our utensils is made more comfortably.

Arola by Ramon Soler: Elegance and comfort in the kitchen.