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  -  News   -  Vetrolux curved mamparas, spaces in glass.

Vetrolux, with a long experience of more than 20 years creating spaces in glass and working in the world of high decoration is a firm that offers solutions in the bathroom.

Vetrolux is a firm specialized in glass solutions, which goes beyond conventional screens, providing each client with exclusivity and personalized treatment. Vetrolux is a specialist in the manufacture of custom screens for bathtubs and showers, always having a careful design and a high quality. Vetrolux screens offer a wide variety of finishes such as lacquered glass, screen printed, LED glass, colored laminates, antical treatment… now if you can have the screen you want!

Vetrolux glass screens are of maximum safety and resistance and also adapt to any space. One of the demands that differentiate the brand is its curved safety crystals.

The curve is fashionable for its functionality in small bathing spaces. These curved screens still have a minimalist design and consists of a double upper rail with steel wheels where the two curved glass doors run. In addition, this curved screen guarantees a great sealing by its magnetic closures. Now your screen can be curved and can fit any corner without losing beauty and comfort!